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The History of Our Estate

Bolzano’s Plonerhof Cellars

Wine-making tradition in this historic setting

With its own cellar, Plonerhof is right in the centre of Bolzano and dates back to the 13th Century. It lies at the very heart of the South Tirolean wine region of St. Magdalena. The estate used to be known as „PLONER by PRAZÖLL“, Prazöll being the previous name of the town of St. Magdalena. One of the oldest wine estates in this famous wine-growing region, the art of wine-making has been passed down from generation to generation and perfected here for over 100 years.

A Tradition of Quality Wines

Taste as nature intended

The successful cultivation of vines on pergola trellises at the Plonerhof Winery is the result of a great deal of hard work leading to a high degree of control  that can only be achieved through personal care and attention.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we use no herbicides and no insecticides (with the exception of a product to combat vinegar-flies that would otherwise destroy our entire crop). This allows us to produce a biologically and chemically flawless wine that tastes exactly as nature intended.

Our high number of ancient vines (70 years +) which are so hard to find these days, create a kind of „time capsule“ of the past. These are exceptionally rare wines given that no-one knows how long these vines will continue to survive.

Small Family-Run Cellar

South Tirolean wines with great attention to detail

Our absolute priority here at Plonerhof is the quality of our wines and of our vines! The small family-run cellars in the centre of Bolzano are run by father Leo, mother Brigitte and son Simon. But the entire extended family helps out with the harvest - 6 siblings who each have their own family make up quite a workforce. They produce between 7 000 and 10 000 75cl bottles each year.

On the estate which in its entirety covers around 215m2 you will find the cellars (85m2) and the bottling hall (130m2) with stainless steel tanks and barrique barrels for the production and ageing of our fine wines.

We are also very proud of the techniques we use to produce our wines: particularly our white wine „Weissgold“ (pinot blanc + white muscat) which includes an additional refinement technique of regular stirring to keep important particles „on the move“ (batonnage). This rare and specialist technique gives the wine a unique flavour that many wine lovers will know and love.